Marquis Moments Boudoir



So here you sit wondering if you can do this. Do you have enough self confidence. Or youre fretting over those ‘problem areas’, the extra weight, or not enough weight. Maybe you dont think you have anything to wear. Or maybe you think ‘boudoir just for other girls’. Im going to say STOP! Right now. Every single client who has walked through my studio doors had already taken the hardest step of all - they showed up for their appointment and walked through those doors! Myself and my makeup artist will greet you warmly, invite you to relax while I hang up your outfits, offer you a beverage, then I sit with you and visit. I want to get to know you while the hair and makeup artist style your hair and apply your makeup to your exact liking! We will laugh and giggle and forget the outside world exists! And by the time I pick up my camera, we are old friends!

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Jenn Z.

June 2019

So, a lot of you have asked how my photo shoot went. I will say this: Don't be afraid of a "Boudoir" photo shoot. It doesn't mean "Naked". It doesn't mean "Lingerie". It means "Find a photographer who makes you feel comfortable enough to feel beautiful or sexy, whatever you are wearing."Amanda Marquis is that photographer. We laughed. A lot. (That's what made me loosen up - even though she forgot to stock the fridge with wine!) As a matter of fact, she said I was one of the most fun (funniest) shoots she's ever done. At one point, she said, "Wait, I need some help here," and googled "poses for the hopeless model," which totally cracked me up. I then flipped her off, and she got a great picture of that, which I'm hoping she also posts. LOL. Everyone deserves to see themselves the way that Amanda Marquis sees you. It can be quite empowering and freeing. If you have the opportunity, book your shoot. Not for anyone else, but for YOU. This is not the picture that I bought, and I'm so self-conscious posting it, but I feel like she has given me the self-esteem to put that aside. We all deserve that! Thank you, Amanda!XOXOXO


Syndi B.

June 2019

I’m so excited to share a sneak peek from my boudoir photo shoot with Amanda Marquis. Never for one moment did I feel awkward or uncomfortable. Everyone who knows me understands that if I’m recommending someone it’s because they have totally earned it. Right here in Bedford NH - book your session without delay. I’m not kidding, you will have a blast!!! And her work speaks for itself 🥰


Rebecca S.

May 2019

Amanda is phenomenal! Chris and I did our (and her) first couples boudoir photo session! AMAZING!! She made everything so natural and easy, and it’s not easy to get just about naked in front of other people! I will definitely do it again! She empowers you and helps you realize just how extraordinary you are!


Greta R.

March 2019

Amanda is simply amazing! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a fun, empowering and joyful photo session. Amanda makes you feel at ease in her studio and you can trust that she’s going to capture absolutely stunning images. I truly can’t say enough wonderful things about her!


Jill W.

I wanted to edit my recommendation so other women can get a slight idea of how it feels to do a shoot , it’s not weird, or awkward, it’s not sexualized or a no no.... I really 100% recommend going to do a session with Amanda! I promise you will not be disappointed! You will leave feeling beautiful, sexy, enlightened , confident and glowing . BUT ... once you see the pictures you will see yourself in a whole new way and you will realize just how beautiful you are no matter how much self doubt you have the pictures say it all! Do this for yourself , every single women should experience this. The way you see yourself after you see the pictures will change the way you think of yourself. I promise you that! Amanda is amazing! I’ve known Amanda for years I’m not leaving this recommendation because Amanda is my person I’m leaving this recommendation because I want every single women to be able to see a picture of themselves and say OH MY GOSH ! I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM WORTH IT! Amanda with out a doubt brings all those responses you would give when you see your photos for the first time, because of her love of what she does and the person she is not just when she is behind the camera. she always knows how to make you laugh, smile and make you feel comfortable in any way possible! She always has a smile on her face and her witty attitude is always a plus for me. She Truly loves what she does and you can tell. She is a genuine women and from the first time you meet her you will see exactly what I mean! Amanda has a way of making you forget the world when your in front of them camera and just focus on you, WE ALL NEED us time. You need Amanda in your life I promise you won’t regret it!


Michelle C.

Amanda pours her heart and knowledge into her photography sessions. She listened to my inspirations and desires for my session and I felt at home in her studio. From the beginning to the end of my session, I felt confident, sexy, and empowered of my natural beauty, both inside and out. I cannot thank Amanda enough for this opportunity so show that women of all ages and sizes are beautiful for being different from one another. Looking forward to my next session with Amanda and our growing friendship ❤


Kay Ann

March 2019

I only have good things to say about Amanda! I was super nervous going in and who wouldn’t be!! However five min after I walked in for my session I was completely at ease. Amanda is a top notch professional, her work shows you on a whole different level and helps restore the confidence you should have. She is personable and helps every step of the from finger and hair placement to how to point your toes. I 1000% recommend her and hope to have the opportunity to work with Amanda again!