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Hi! Congratulations on your decision to invest in professional, luxury boudoir photography! And an investment it is, in time and money. I respect your decision, do not take it lightly, and appreciate you giving me the chance to be your certified professional photographer!

I have been ‘taking pictures’ since I could walk! I couldn’t tell you the kind of child’s play camera I had, except that it was pink, probably didn’t cost much, and 35mm film! Yep. Film! I never knew what my images looked liked until I got the pictures back! No worries, I don’t use that camera anymore! Throughout high school, I challenged myself to learn as much as I could about the technical aspects of creating stunning images. Then I followed the path I thought I should take - went to college for communication, got a job in corporate America, and paid the bills. After several years, I bought a new camera, invested in learning the basics and intricate details of photography, and found my true love again! Since that moment of clarity, I’ve upgraded my gear, continued my learning by completing many classes, training, invested in being mentored by the best in the industry, and tutorials so I can provide you the top quality images you seek, you invest in. I’ve even recently finished a professional boudoir photographer certification program to become a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer!

I finally walked away from corporate life Sept of 2018, and am dedicating myself to my passion of capturing images that make you proud!

What I did learn in ‘corporate life’ though has stayed with me as I provide upmost professionalism and customer service to each client (who quickly become friends)! I work with you, get to know you, every step of the way - from our first communication to final delivery of your gorgeous products. We consult together on your boudoir session - I want to know what you love about yourself, and even what you wish you could change. I offer a prep guide for your session so you know what to expect during our time together. I want you to be comfortable with me!

The greatest shame is to invest such time and money on professional work, only to have it on a hard drive somewhere in a drawer, or share once on your social media accounts, then be forgotten. Because of this, I offer packages to include prints, canvas, wall art, and albums for you to proudly display in your home or give away as a perfect gift! All print packages include your selected digital’s though so you can still share with family and friends near and far!

In addition to my love of photography, I have been blessed with the greatest love of a lifetime when I met, then married, my now wife Jenn, and we are raising the happiest (and cutest of course!) 5 year old boy! We relocated back to NH 8 years ago and don’t regret leaving Florida one minute!

Id love to work with you for your photography needs. Click the menu button above and contact me.

I look forward to meeting you!

I look forward to knowing your story - your reason why.

I look forward to being your photographer.

Your Journey. Your Memories. Forever.