A boudoir photography session is sometimes a once in a lifetime experience. (Sometimes not, tho!). And it is just that - an experience. A time for you to sit down and relax while your hair is professionally styled to your liking, your makeup also professionally applied, again to your liking! My stylists will ask you several times during and after if you are happy with your ‘look’. Rest assured, not a single picture is taken without you having first fallen in love with yourself!

Then we get to business! We go over the outfits youve brought (and I hung up when you arrived). You didnt know what to bring so you brought a lot, huh? Perfect! We pick out the three gorgeous outfits that will compliment you, your personality - because by now, Ive got an idea of who you are since we visited during your hair/makeup!

I professionally pose you in the most flattering poses styled just for you! I will even lay down on the floor to demonstrate! Right down to where to place your fingers or where to look while I shoot!

After this fun hour of shooting, I invite you to relax, rest, or grab a bite to eat as 30 minutes later we sit together and view your images! No waiting days or weeks to see your accomplishment!

After viewing we discuss the collection that best suits you from mounted prints to luxury albums to wall art! Everything is designed for you to have the perfect gift for your significant other, or better yet, for yourself! Collections start at only 997.00 so you will find boudoir is very affordable! I offer many payment options from pre-session plans to credit cards, etc.

Dont wait! Your journey is happening now. Put yourself, your self worth, self esteem, confidence first.

Cassie B - Fearless! Feminine!  Bad-Ass.

Cassie B - Fearless! Feminine! Bad-Ass.

Azy D. - Seize your day!

Azy D. - Seize your day!